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Tuesday, October 25

1:30pm EDT

5:30pm EDT

5:35pm EDT

5:40pm EDT

5:45pm EDT

5:50pm EDT

5:55pm EDT

6:00pm EDT

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6:15pm EDT

Wednesday, October 26

9:40am EDT

11:00am EDT

Paradox Of Choice: How To Pick an Application Definition That Works For You! - Anusha Ragunathan & Kevin Downey, Intuit Inc 430 AB How To Build a Distributed System (And Should You?) - Rebecca Bilbro & Patrick Deziel, Rotational Labs 251 ABC Kubernetes Community Days For Fun And For Community Profit - Bill Mulligan, Isovalent & Katie Greenley, CNCF Ambassador Ballroom (Room 360) API Evolution With CRDs: Best Practices For Authoring & Fuzz Testing APIs - James Munnelly & Andrea Tosatto, Apple Portside Ballroom (Room 260) A Containerd And Friends Update: What’s New In Runtimes? - Phil Estes, AWS; Mike Brown, IBM; Maksym Pavlenko, Apple; Michael Zappa, Microsoft 410 A Achieving End-To-End Software Supply Chain Security With in-toto - Santiago Torres-Arias, Purdue University & Aditya Sirish A Yelgundhalli, New York University 321 Building a Day1/Day2 Application Operations Platform On CNCF Projects. - Alois Reitbauer, Dynatrace & Alex Jones, Canonical 252 AB How SIG Release Cooks Trustworthy Artifacts From Raw Source Code - Carlos Panato & Adolfo García Veytia, Chainguard; Jeremy Rickard, Microsoft; Sascha Grunert, Red Hat 142 ABC How To Build Production Grade DevOps Platform Using Argoproj - Alexander Matyushentsev, Akuity & Leonardo Luz Almeida, Intuit 320 73,000 Pods a Day, Lessons From Misadventures In Multi-Tenant - Shane Corbett, Amazon Web Services & Wil Reed, Acquia 140 ABC Migrating From Single-Node Kubernetes Control Plane To HA In Production - Cong Yue & David Oppenheimer, Databricks 250 ABC SBOM X-Ray Superpowers: Making Better SBOMs, Using SBOMs - Brandon Lum, Google & Chris Phillips, Anchore 420 AB Tutorial: Unleash the Full Potential Of Kubernetes Scheduler: Configuration, Extension And Operation In Production - Yuan Chen, Yibo Zhuang & Wei Huang, Apple; Chen Wang, IBM Research 330 AB

11:55am EDT

2:30pm EDT

Kubernet-Bees: How Bees Solve Problems Of Distributed Systems - Simon Emms & Christian Weichel, Gitpod 140 DEFG Essential Patterns For Designing And Implementing Your Operator - Michael Hrivnak & Austin Macdonald, Red Hat 430 AB Implementing Private 5G Networks For Enterprises With Kubernetes - Amar Kapadia, Aarna Networks & Christian Huebner, Mirantis 251 ABC The Course Of True Community Management Never Did Run Smooth, In 1 Act - Karsten Wade & Jen Madriaga, Red Hat Ambassador Ballroom (Room 360) Efficient Scheduling Of High Performance Batch Computing For Analytics Workloads With Volcano - Krzysztof Adamski & Tinco Boekestijn, ING Portside Ballroom (Room 260) Building Multi-Architecture Images With Buildpacks - Aidan Delaney, Bloomberg 320 CoreDNS Intro And Deep Dive - Yong Tang, Ivanti 410 A Istio Today and Tomorrow: Sidecars and Beyond - Mitch Conners, Google & Lin Sun, Solo.io 142 ABC KEDA - Real Time And Serverless Scaling In Kubernetes - Zbynek Roubalik, Red Hat & Jeff Hollan, Snowflake 321 Staring Into the Abyss With the Security Technical Advisory Group - Andrew Martin, ControlPlane; Ragashree Shekar, Carnegie Mellon University; Marina Moore, NYU 252 AB Simplified Experience Of Building Cluster API Provider In Multitenant Cloud - Sahithi Ayloo & Arun Krishnakumar, VMware 140 ABC How To Handle Node Shutdown In Kubernetes - Xing Yang & Ashutosh Kumar, VMware 250 ABC Using the EBPF Superpowers To Generate Kubernetes Security Policies - Mauricio Vásquez Bernal & Alban Crequy, Microsoft 420 AB Tutorial: So You Want To Develop a Cluster API Provider? - Anusha Hegde, Nirmata; Winnie Kwon, VMware; Richard Case, SUSE; Avishay Traeger, Red Hat 330 AB

3:25pm EDT

The 10 Biggest Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make In Open Source - Bill Mulligan, Isovalent & Divya Mohan, SUSE 140 DEFG Flagger, Linkerd, And Gateway API: Oh My! - Jason Morgan, Buoyant & Sanskar Jaiswal, Weaveworks 430 AB Get Projects Approved By Articulating the Business Value Of a Cloud Native Solution - Larry Carvalho, RobustCloud LLC; Krisztián Flautner, Cisco; Betty Junod, VMware; Chris Rosen, IBM 251 ABC SIGs Aren’t Silos: A Case Study Into Solving Inter-Domain Problems In Kubernetes Development - Swetha Repakula, Google & Antonio Ojea Garcia, RedHat Ambassador Ballroom (Room 360) Beyond Kubebuilder - Generating Entire Kubernetes Controller Implementations - Amine Hilaly & Jay Pipes, Amazon Web Services Portside Ballroom (Room 260) 2022 Observability TAG Update - Alolita Sharma, Apple & Matt Young, TAG Observability 252 AB Don't Mind the Gap: Securely Accessing Cloud Resources From Anywhere With SPIFFE/SPIRE - Evan Gilman, VMware 320 Knative: More Than Just Serverless Containers - Lance Ball & Naina Singh, Red Hat; Mauricio Salatino & Evan Anderson, VMware 321 Kubernetes SIG Apps Updates - Janet Kuo, Google; Kenneth Owens, Brex; Maciej Szulik, Red Hat 142 ABC Lessons Learned From Etcd the Data Inconsistency Issues - Marek Siarkowicz, Google & Benjamin Wang, VMware 410 A Running Isolated VirtualClusters With Kata & Cluster API - Chris Hein & Eric Ernst, Apple, Inc 140 ABC Building Container Images In Kubernetes: It’s Been a Journey! - Laurent Bernaille & Eric Mountain, Datadog 250 ABC Untrusted Execution: Attacking the Cloud Native Supply Chain - Andrew Martin, ControlPlane 420 AB

4:30pm EDT

Don't Be Greedy: Rightsize Your Kubernetes Cluster With Prometheus - Jesus Angel Samitier & David Lorite Solanas, Sysdig 140 DEFG Leveraging Community To Transform Ford's Software Development Teams - Rebecca Riss & Satish Puranam, Ford Motor Company; Langdon White, Boston University 251 ABC Balancing Yin (Community) And Yang (Company) In OSS - Nikhita Raghunath & Kiran Mova, VMware Ambassador Ballroom (Room 360) Windows HostProcess Containers For Configuration And Beyond - James Sturtevant & Mark Rossetti, Microsoft Portside Ballroom (Room 260) Fluent Bit V2.0: Unifying Open Standards For Logs, Metrics & Traces - Eduardo Silva & Anurag Gupta, Calyptia 410 A Jaeger: The Future with OpenTelemetry and Metrics - Jonah Kowall, Logz.io & Joe Elliott, Grafana Labs 430 AB KubeEdge: From Fixed Location To Movable Edge, Latest Updates And Future - Zefeng (Kevin) Wang, Huawei & Yin Ding, Google 321 Running the Observability As a Service For Your Teams With Thanos - Ben Ye, Amazon Web Services & Bartłomiej Płotka, Red Hat 252 AB SIG Architecture Intro And Deep Dive - John Belamaric, Google & Davanum Srinivas, AWS 142 ABC What’s New In Chaos Mesh And Deep Dive Into Multi Clusters Support - Ed Huang & Chao Zheng, PingCAP 320 Cloud Governance With Infrastructure As Code (IaC) With Kyverno And Crossplane - Dolis Sharma, Nirmata 140 ABC Cgroups V2: Before You Jump In - Tony Gosselin & Mike Tougeron, Adobe Systems 250 ABC Kubernetes to Cloud Attack Vectors: Demos Inside - Danny Hershko Shemesh & Alon Schindel, Wiz 420 AB Tutorial: How To Write a Reconciler Using K8s Controller-Runtime! - Scott Rigby, Somtochi Onyekwere, Niki Manoledaki & Soulé Ba, Weaveworks; Amine Hilaly, Amazon Web Services 330 AB

5:25pm EDT

Thursday, October 27

10:05am EDT

11:00am EDT

“Why Can’t Kubernetes Devs Just Add This New Feature? Seems So Easy!” - Understanding the Feature Lifecycle In Kubernetes - Ricardo Katz, VMware & Carlos Panato, Chainguard 140 DEFG Consumers To Contributors: Open Source As a Competitive Advantage - Brendan O'Leary, GitLab 251 ABC ADHD: Understanding, Awareness, And Shared Experience - Bart Farrell, Data on Kubernetes Community; Heba elAyoty, Microsoft; Farrah Campbell, Amazon Web Services; Rich Burroughs, Loft Labs Ambassador Ballroom (Room 360) Webhook Fatigue? You're Not Alone: Introducing the CEL Expression Language Features Solving This Problem - Joe Betz, Google Portside Ballroom (Room 260) CloudEvents And Beyond! - Doug Davis, Microsoft 320 Intro + Deep Dive: SIG Scalability - Marcel Zięba, Google 321 Kubernetes Policy, Governance, And Compliance: A WG Policy Update - Jim Bugwadia, Nirmata; Anca Sailer, IBM Research; Jayashree Ramanathan, Red Hat; Robert Ficcaglia, Sunstone Secure 252 AB Learn About Helm And Its Ecosystem - Andrew Block & Karena Angell, Red Hat; Matt Farina, SUSE; Scott Rigby, Weaveworks 410 A SIG Contributor Experience Deep Dive - Nabarun Pal & Madhav Jivrajani, VMware; Marky Jackson, Equinix; Kaslin Fields, Google Cloud 142 ABC Cloudy With a Chance Of Chaos: Verifying the Resiliency Of Cloud-Native Applications - Bella Wiseman, Goldman Sachs 430 AB One VTOrc To Rule Them All – High Availability In a Distributed Database System - Deepthi Sigireddi & Manan Gupta, PlanetScale 250 ABC Kubernetes On the Edge With K3s For a Smart Metering Use Case - Harry Lee, Melio AI 140 ABC It's Dangerous To SLSA Alone Out There! Take This Artifact Knowledge Graph! - Mihai Maruseac, Google & Michael Lieberman, Independent 420 AB Tutorial: Becoming a Kubernetes Developer: Writing Your First Operator - Abby Bangser, Syntasso 330 AB

11:55am EDT

2:30pm EDT

3:25pm EDT

4:30pm EDT

How the Basics Of Kubernetes Auth Scale For Organizations - Leigh Capili, VMware 140 DEFG Writing Reliable, Scalable, Fault Oblivious Code On K8s the Easy Way - Kendall Roden, Microsoft & Alice Gibbons, Diagrid 430 AB Trust But Verify: Bringing Supply Chain Integrity To CD GitOps - Yuji Watanabe & Hirokuni Kitahara, IBM Research Ambassador Ballroom (Room 360) Human-Friendly, Production-Ready Data Science Stack With Metaflow & Kubernetes - Savin Goyal, Outerbounds & Saravanan Balasubramanian, Intuit 251 ABC Evolving the Cloud Native Maturity Model - John Forman & Robert Glenn, Accenture; Danielle Cook, Fairwinds; Simon Forster, Stackegy 320 OpenMetrics; the State Of 1.X And the Plans For 2.0 - Richard Hartmann, Grafana Labs 321 SIG Testing: Intro And Updates - Benjamin Elder & Michelle Shepardson & Chao Dai, Google; Antonio Ojea Garcia, Red Hat 142 ABC The State of the Cloud Native Network: Deep-dive from TAG-Network - Ed Warnicke, Cisco & Lee Calcote, Layer5 410 A 100Gbit/S Clusters With Cilium: Building Tomorrow’s Networking Data Plane - Daniel Borkmann & Nikolay Aleksandrov, Isovalent 252 AB Data On Kubernetes, Deploying And Running PostgreSQL And Patterns For Databases In a Kubernetes Cluster. - Chris Milsted, Ondat & Gabriele Bartolini, EDB 250 ABC Class Resources: Kubernetes’ Fastest Way Of Shushing Noisy Neighbors - Markus Lehtonen, Intel & Peter Hunt, Red Hat 140 ABC Securing Edge Workloads With Cert-Manager And SPIFFE - Sitaram IYER & Riaz Mohamed, Jetstack Ltd 420 AB 🚨 ContribFest - Flux: The Flux Bug Scrub, Live at ContribFest (Limited Availability; First-Come, First-Served) 410 B Tutorial: Build Your Own Heroku With Cloud Native Stack - Muvaffak Onus, Upbound & Sidarta Aguiar de Oliveira, Grupo Boticário 330 AB

5:25pm EDT

Arsenal Of Democracy: What Open Source Can Learn From the Motor City - Shane Lawrence, Shopify 140 DEFG Unified Chaos Injection And SLO Validation Experiments In Kubernetes - Srinivasan Parthasarathy, IBM & Shubham Chaudhary, JFrog Ambassador Ballroom (Room 360) The Challenges Managing a Kubernetes-Based Machine Learning Infrastructure - Yuzhui Liu & Keith Laban, Bloomberg; Ed Shee, Seldon; Keshi Dai, Spotify 251 ABC CRI-O’s Senior Year - Peter Hunt, Urvashi Mohnani, Mrunal Patel, Red Hat 320 OpenTelemetry: Meet the Community, Build the Roadmap - Morgan McLean, Splunk; Daniel Dyla, Dynatrace; Ted Young, Lightstep; Alolita Sharma, Apple 321 TUF-En Up Your Signatures - Marina Moore & Justin Cappos, NYU 410 A What's New With SIG Windows - Mark Rossetti & James Sturtevant, Microsoft; Jay Vyas, VMware; Dimitrie Mititelu, Cloudbase Solutions 142 ABC Exiting Ingress With the Gateway API - Rob Scott, Google & Shane Utt, Kong, Inc. 252 AB Customer Centric Observability: How Intuit Reduced Time To Detect Customer Impact From 30+ Minutes To Under 3 Minutes. - Vinit Samel, Intuit & Nagaraja Tantry, Intui Portside Ballroom (Room 260) It’s Complicated: Relationships Between Objects In OCI Registries - Josh Dolitsky, Chainguard & Sajay Antony, Microsoft 430 AB 9-1-1: Cloud Native - Kubernetes For Public Safety Systems - Marc Boorshtein, Tremolo Security, Inc. 250 ABC Improving User Experience For Device Consumption In Kubernetes - Alexander Kanevskiy & Patrick Ohly, Intel & Kate Goldenring, Fermyon 140 ABC How the Argo Project Transitioned From Security Aware To Security First - Henrik Blixt & Michael Crenshaw, Intuit 420 AB
Friday, October 28

11:00am EDT

How Adobe Planned For Scale With Argo CD, Cluster API, And VCluster - Joseph Sandoval, Adobe & Dan Garfield, Codefresh Ambassador Ballroom (Room 360) Public Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) Meeting - Moderated by Chris Aniszczyk, CTO, The Linux Foundation 250 ABC The DEF Con Code of Conduct Lawsuit - Lessons learned and Tips for Managing Legal Risk when Enforcing Codes of Conduct" - Joanna Lee, Partner, GesmerUpdegrove LLP 410 A MetaOps: Metadata Operations For End-To-End Data & Machine Learning Platforms - Alejandro Saucedo, The Institute for Ethical AI & Machine Learning 251 ABC cert-manager - Past, Present and Future - Jake Sanders, cert-manager Maintainer & Ashley Davis, Jetstack 142 ABC Crossplane Intro And Deep Dive - The Cloud Native Control Plane Framework - Jared Watts, Matthias Luebken & Nic Cope, Upbound; Bob Haddleton, Nokia 320 Understanding the Future of Ingress-nginx - James Strong, Chainguard & Ricardo Katz, VMware 252 AB What's New In Operator Framework? - Alexander Greene, Austin Macdonald & Varsha Prasad Narsing, Red Hat; Jonathan Berkhahn, IBM 321 DoorDash’s Journey From StatsD To Prometheus With 10 Million Metrics/Second - Emma Wang, Doordash & Ben Raskin, Chronosphere Portside Ballroom (Room 260) Emissary + Linkerd Resilience Patterns: Rate Limits, Retries & Timeouts - Flynn, Buoyant & Daniel Bryant, Ambassador Labs 430 AB NRI: Extending Containerd And CRI-O With Common Plugins - Krisztian Litkey, Intel & Mike Brown, IBM 140 ABC The Insider Threat: Third-Party Applications In Your Cluster - Dagan Henderson, Raft, LLC & Will Kline, Dark Wolf Solutions 420 AB One API To Rule Them All? What the Gateway API Means For Service Meshes - Keith Mattix II, Microsoft & John Howard, Google 140 DEFG Tutorial: Reducing the Sticker Price Of Kubernetes Security - Pushkar Joglekar, VMware 330 AB

11:55am EDT

2:00pm EDT

How Intuit Manages Cloud Resources Via GitOps - Jerome Kuptz & Ameen Radwan, Intuit Ambassador Ballroom (Room 360) Smart Green Computing Cloud Native Operations - William Caban & Federico Rossi, Red Hat 251 ABC Chaos Engineering For Hybrid Targets With LitmusChaos - Uma Mukkara, Karthik S & Prithvi Raj, Harness 252 AB How We Make TiKV - a Distributed Storage, More Cost-Effective On the Cloud - Sunny Bains & Yang Zhang, PingCAP 320 Kubernetes SIG Storage Deep Dive - Xing Yang, VMware & Mauricio Poppe, Google 142 ABC OPA - Peter O'Neill, Styra 410 A SIG Instrumentation Introduction And Deep Dive - Damien Grisonnet, Red Hat; Han Kang & David Ashpole, Google 321 When the Logs Just Don’t Cut It: Root-Causing Incidents Without Re-Deploying Prod - Phillip Kuznetsov, New Relic Portside Ballroom (Room 260) Turn Me On With Cloud-Native Feature Flags! - Alex Jones, Canonical 430 AB Enterprise Grade Minecraft On Kubernetes - Casey West, Google 250 ABC Cgroupv2 Is Coming Soon To a Cluster Near You - David Porter, Google & Mrunal Patel, RedHat 140 ABC What Data Tells Us About Software Supply Chain Security & What To Do About It - Josh Bressers, Anchore; Tracy Miranda, Chainguard; John Yeoh, Cloud Security Alliance; Eric Tice, Wipro 420 AB Dynamically Testing Individual Microservice Releases In Production - Matt Turner, Tetrate 140 DEFG 🚨 ContribFest - Argo: Let's Break Argo Together! (Limited Availability; First-Come, First-Served) 410 B Tutorial: kubectl Create Cluster: Production-ready Kubernetes with Cluster API 1.0 - Killian Muldoon, Shivani Singhal, Yuvaraj Balaji Rao Kakaraparthi & Stefan Büringer, VMware; Jack Francis, Microsoft 330 AB

2:55pm EDT

SneakOps – Getting Users To Use GitOps Without Them Even Knowing About It! - Éamon Ryan & Hedley Simons, Grafana Labs Ambassador Ballroom (Room 360) Build a Cloud Native Asynchronous Messaging System For Scale With Redis - Madelyn Olson, Amazon Web Services (AWS) 251 ABC Feature Work In GRPC; XDS And Not - Eric Anderson & Kevin Nilson, Google 252 AB Keptn Beyond 1.0: Sailing into the Future - Thomas Schuetz & Andi Grabner, Dynatrace; Brad McCoy, Basiq; Ana Margarita Medina, Lightstep 410 A Kubernetes Steering Committee AMA - Moderated by Christoph Blecker, Red Hat 142 ABC Security In the Cloud With Falco: Overview And Project Updates - Jason Dellaluce & Luca Guerra, Sysdig 320 SIG-Network: Intro & Deep-Dive - Rob Scott & Bowei Du, Google; Surya Seetharaman & Andrew Stoycos, Red Hat 321 Stateless Collectors For Stateful Data: Scaling Prometheus As a Node Agent - Danny Clark, Google Portside Ballroom (Room 260) What We Learned From the Gateway API: Designing Linkerd’s New Policy CRD - Matei David, Buoyant, Inc 430 AB Preventing Controller Sprawl From Taking Down Your Cluster - When a Scalable Pattern Stops Being Scalable - Madhu C.S., Robinhood Markets 250 ABC So, What If I Don’t Want My Persistent Storage To Be Yet Another Bindmount? - Deep Debroy, Apple & Feng Wang, Databricks 140 ABC B’Envoy-age to Pre-Quantum Encryption - Daniel Rouhana, Independent; Emma Dickenson, Washington State University; Doron Podoleanu, F5 140 DEFG Putting Hackers Breaching Your Cluster In Automatic Quarantine - Ziv Nevo, IBM 420 AB

4:00pm EDT

Hands-Off Features Releases With Keptn, OpenFeature, And OpenTelemetry - Michael Beemer & Johannes Bräuer, Dynatrace Ambassador Ballroom (Room 360) How Salesforce Is Moving From Spinnaker To Argo Workflows For Provisioning Add-Ons - Mayank Kumar & Andy Chen, Salesforce 420 AB BoF: How Can We Build Stronger User Support Groups? - Steven Wong, VMware 321 Machine Learning Using Various GPU Technology With Kubeflow. - Jihye Choi, SAMSUNG SDS 252 AB Training AI To Code Using the Largest Code Dataset - Tommy Li & Animesh Singh, IBM 251 ABC Emissary-Ingress: Intro And Deep Dive - Flynn, Buoyant; Alice Wasko & Lance Austin, Ambassador Labs 320 Introduction to Cloud Custodian, simple rules for your Cloud, Cluster, and Terraform - Jorge Castro, Kapil Thangavelu, Sonny Shi & John Anderson, Stacklet.io 410 A SIG Autoscaling Updates And Feature Highlights - Marcin Wielgus & Jayant Jain, Google; Diego Bonfigli, Sysdig 142 ABC Kubernetes Networking Infrastructure Offload - Dan Daly & Nupur Jain, Intel; Nabil Bitar, Bloomberg; Moshe Levi, Nvidia; Vytautas (Valas) Valancius, Google 330 AB Tips And Tricks To Successfully Migrate From Jaeger To OpenTelemetry - Vineeth Pothulapati, Timescale Inc 140 DEFG Content Addressable CRDs: Type Uniqueness Across Kubernetes Clusters - Daniel Mangum, Upbound 430 AB Unsung Hero Of the Cloud Native Revolution: Container Linux Then And Now - Vincent Batts, Microsoft Azure 250 ABC Cloud-Native WebAssembly: Containerization On the Edge - Michael Yuan, Second State 140 ABC Fuzzing Session: Finding Bugs and Vulnerabilities Automatically - David Korczynski & Adam Korczynski, Ada Logics Portside Ballroom (Room 260)

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