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Friday, October 28

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How Adobe Planned For Scale With Argo CD, Cluster API, And VCluster - Joseph Sandoval, Adobe & Dan Garfield, Codefresh Ambassador Ballroom (Room 360) Public Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) Meeting - Moderated by Chris Aniszczyk, CTO, The Linux Foundation 250 ABC The DEF Con Code of Conduct Lawsuit - Lessons learned and Tips for Managing Legal Risk when Enforcing Codes of Conduct" - Joanna Lee, Partner, GesmerUpdegrove LLP 410 A MetaOps: Metadata Operations For End-To-End Data & Machine Learning Platforms - Alejandro Saucedo, The Institute for Ethical AI & Machine Learning 251 ABC cert-manager - Past, Present and Future - Jake Sanders, cert-manager Maintainer & Ashley Davis, Jetstack 142 ABC Crossplane Intro And Deep Dive - The Cloud Native Control Plane Framework - Jared Watts, Matthias Luebken & Nic Cope, Upbound; Bob Haddleton, Nokia 320 SIG-Multicluster Intro And Deep Dive - Jeremy Olmsted-Thompson & Laura Lorenz, Google; Paul Morie, Apple Virtual Platform Only The Evolution and Innovation of CubeFS - Leon Chang, Oppo Virtual Platform Only Understanding the Future of Ingress-nginx - James Strong, Chainguard & Ricardo Katz, VMware 252 AB What's New In Operator Framework? - Alexander Greene, Austin Macdonald & Varsha Prasad Narsing, Red Hat; Jonathan Berkhahn, IBM 321 DoorDash’s Journey From StatsD To Prometheus With 10 Million Metrics/Second - Emma Wang, Doordash & Ben Raskin, Chronosphere Portside Ballroom (Room 260) Emissary + Linkerd Resilience Patterns: Rate Limits, Retries & Timeouts - Flynn, Buoyant & Daniel Bryant, Ambassador Labs 430 AB NRI: Extending Containerd And CRI-O With Common Plugins - Krisztian Litkey, Intel & Mike Brown, IBM 140 ABC The Insider Threat: Third-Party Applications In Your Cluster - Dagan Henderson, Raft, LLC & Will Kline, Dark Wolf Solutions 420 AB One API To Rule Them All? What the Gateway API Means For Service Meshes - Keith Mattix II, Microsoft & John Howard, Google 140 DEFG BoF – Seeding kubectl bind – a vision for a post-CRD world - Sebastian Scheele, Kubermatic & Stefan Schimanski, Red Hat 258 + 259 Peer Group Mentoring + Career Networking (IN PERSON) 331 ABC 🚨 ContribFest - Cloud Custodian: Keeping up with the Clouds with Cloud Custodian (Limited Availability; First-Come, First-Served) 410 B Tutorial: Reducing the Sticker Price Of Kubernetes Security - Pushkar Joglekar, VMware 330 AB

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How Intuit Manages Cloud Resources Via GitOps - Jerome Kuptz & Ameen Radwan, Intuit Ambassador Ballroom (Room 360) Smart Green Computing Cloud Native Operations - William Caban & Federico Rossi, Red Hat 251 ABC Accelerates Image Distribution In Multi-Cluster With Dragonfly - Wenbo Qi, Ant Group Virtual Platform Only Chaos Engineering For Hybrid Targets With LitmusChaos - Uma Mukkara, Karthik S & Prithvi Raj, Harness 252 AB How We Make TiKV - a Distributed Storage, More Cost-Effective On the Cloud - Sunny Bains & Yang Zhang, PingCAP 320 Kubernetes SIG Storage Deep Dive - Xing Yang, VMware & Mauricio Poppe, Google 142 ABC OPA - Peter O'Neill, Styra 410 A SIG Instrumentation Introduction And Deep Dive - Damien Grisonnet, Red Hat; Han Kang & David Ashpole, Google 321 When the Logs Just Don’t Cut It: Root-Causing Incidents Without Re-Deploying Prod - Phillip Kuznetsov, New Relic Portside Ballroom (Room 260) Turn Me On With Cloud-Native Feature Flags! - Alex Jones, Canonical 430 AB Enterprise Grade Minecraft On Kubernetes - Casey West, Google 250 ABC Cgroupv2 Is Coming Soon To a Cluster Near You - David Porter, Google & Mrunal Patel, RedHat 140 ABC What Data Tells Us About Software Supply Chain Security & What To Do About It - Josh Bressers, Anchore; Tracy Miranda, Chainguard; John Yeoh, Cloud Security Alliance; Eric Tice, Wipro 420 AB Dynamically Testing Individual Microservice Releases In Production - Matt Turner, Tetrate 140 DEFG 🚨 ContribFest - Argo: Let's Break Argo Together! (Limited Availability; First-Come, First-Served) 410 B Tutorial: kubectl Create Cluster: Production-ready Kubernetes with Cluster API 1.0 - Killian Muldoon, Shivani Singhal, Yuvaraj Balaji Rao Kakaraparthi & Stefan Büringer, VMware; Jack Francis, Microsoft 330 AB

2:55pm EDT

SneakOps – Getting Users To Use GitOps Without Them Even Knowing About It! - Éamon Ryan & Hedley Simons, Grafana Labs Ambassador Ballroom (Room 360) Build a Cloud Native Asynchronous Messaging System For Scale With Redis - Madelyn Olson, Amazon Web Services (AWS) 251 ABC Feature Work In GRPC; XDS And Not - Eric Anderson & Kevin Nilson, Google 252 AB Keptn Beyond 1.0: Sailing into the Future - Thomas Schuetz & Andi Grabner, Dynatrace; Brad McCoy, Basiq; Ana Margarita Medina, Lightstep 410 A Kubernetes Steering Committee AMA - Moderated by Christoph Blecker, Red Hat 142 ABC Security In the Cloud With Falco: Overview And Project Updates - Jason Dellaluce & Luca Guerra, Sysdig 320 SIG-Network: Intro & Deep-Dive - Rob Scott & Bowei Du, Google; Surya Seetharaman & Andrew Stoycos, Red Hat 321 Stateless Collectors For Stateful Data: Scaling Prometheus As a Node Agent - Danny Clark, Google Portside Ballroom (Room 260) What We Learned From the Gateway API: Designing Linkerd’s New Policy CRD - Matei David, Buoyant, Inc 430 AB Preventing Controller Sprawl From Taking Down Your Cluster - When a Scalable Pattern Stops Being Scalable - Madhu C.S., Robinhood Markets 250 ABC So, What If I Don’t Want My Persistent Storage To Be Yet Another Bindmount? - Deep Debroy, Apple & Feng Wang, Databricks 140 ABC B’Envoy-age to Pre-Quantum Encryption - Daniel Rouhana, Independent; Emma Dickenson, Washington State University; Doron Podoleanu, F5 140 DEFG Putting Hackers Breaching Your Cluster In Automatic Quarantine - Ziv Nevo, IBM 420 AB You Like It Or Not; You Need It! - PKI And Certificate Management - Shweta Vohra, IBM Virtual Platform Only

3:30pm EDT

4:00pm EDT

Wellness Session - Flow for Irritability 412 A Hands-Off Features Releases With Keptn, OpenFeature, And OpenTelemetry - Michael Beemer & Johannes Bräuer, Dynatrace Ambassador Ballroom (Room 360) How Salesforce Is Moving From Spinnaker To Argo Workflows For Provisioning Add-Ons - Mayank Kumar & Andy Chen, Salesforce 420 AB BoF: How Can We Build Stronger User Support Groups? - Steven Wong, VMware 321 Machine Learning Using Various GPU Technology With Kubeflow. - Jihye Choi, SAMSUNG SDS 252 AB Training AI To Code Using the Largest Code Dataset - Tommy Li & Animesh Singh, IBM 251 ABC Emissary-Ingress: Intro And Deep Dive - Flynn, Buoyant; Alice Wasko & Lance Austin, Ambassador Labs 320 Introduction to Cloud Custodian, simple rules for your Cloud, Cluster, and Terraform - Jorge Castro, Kapil Thangavelu, Sonny Shi & John Anderson, Stacklet.io 410 A Kubernetes SIG Node Intro And Deep Dive - Sergey Kanzhelev & Dawn Chen, Google; Derek Carr, Red Hat Virtual Platform Only SIG Autoscaling Updates And Feature Highlights - Marcin Wielgus & Jayant Jain, Google; Diego Bonfigli, Sysdig 142 ABC Kubernetes Networking Infrastructure Offload - Dan Daly & Nupur Jain, Intel; Nabil Bitar, Bloomberg; Moshe Levi, Nvidia; Vytautas (Valas) Valancius, Google 330 AB Tamland: How GitLab.Com Uses Long-Term Monitoring Data For Capacity Forecasting. - Andrew Newdigate, GitLab, Inc. Virtual Platform Only Tips And Tricks To Successfully Migrate From Jaeger To OpenTelemetry - Vineeth Pothulapati, Timescale Inc 140 DEFG Content Addressable CRDs: Type Uniqueness Across Kubernetes Clusters - Daniel Mangum, Upbound 430 AB Unsung Hero Of the Cloud Native Revolution: Container Linux Then And Now - Vincent Batts, Microsoft Azure 250 ABC Cloud-Native WebAssembly: Containerization On the Edge - Michael Yuan, Second State 140 ABC Fuzzing Session: Finding Bugs and Vulnerabilities Automatically - David Korczynski & Adam Korczynski, Ada Logics Portside Ballroom (Room 260) Building Multi-Tenant Routing And Scaling With Envoy - Yiming Peng, Amazon Web Services, Inc. Virtual Platform Only

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