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Thursday, October 27

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“Why Can’t Kubernetes Devs Just Add This New Feature? Seems So Easy!” - Understanding the Feature Lifecycle In Kubernetes - Ricardo Katz, VMware & Carlos Panato, Chainguard 140 DEFG Production Practice For Large-Scale Financial Application Platform In China Merchants Bank - Jiahang Xu, China Merchants Bank & Jianbo Sun, Alibaba Cloud Virtual Platform Only Consumers To Contributors: Open Source As a Competitive Advantage - Brendan O'Leary, GitLab 251 ABC ADHD: Understanding, Awareness, And Shared Experience - Bart Farrell, Data on Kubernetes Community; Heba elAyoty, Microsoft; Farrah Campbell, Amazon Web Services; Rich Burroughs, Loft Labs Ambassador Ballroom (Room 360) Webhook Fatigue? You're Not Alone: Introducing the CEL Expression Language Features Solving This Problem - Joe Betz, Google Portside Ballroom (Room 260) CloudEvents And Beyond! - Doug Davis, Microsoft 320 Intro + Deep Dive: SIG Scalability - Marcel Zięba, Google 321 Kubernetes Policy, Governance, And Compliance: A WG Policy Update - Jim Bugwadia, Nirmata; Anca Sailer, IBM Research; Jayashree Ramanathan, Red Hat; Robert Ficcaglia, Sunstone Secure 252 AB Learn About Helm And Its Ecosystem - Andrew Block & Karena Angell, Red Hat; Matt Farina, SUSE; Scott Rigby, Weaveworks 410 A SIG Contributor Experience Deep Dive - Nabarun Pal & Madhav Jivrajani, VMware; Marky Jackson, Equinix; Kaslin Fields, Google Cloud 142 ABC Multicluster Kubernetes Management Made Easy With Open Cluster Management - Joshua Packer, Red Hat Virtual Platform Only Cloudy With a Chance Of Chaos: Verifying the Resiliency Of Cloud-Native Applications - Bella Wiseman, Goldman Sachs 430 AB One VTOrc To Rule Them All – High Availability In a Distributed Database System - Deepthi Sigireddi & Manan Gupta, PlanetScale 250 ABC Kubernetes On the Edge With K3s For a Smart Metering Use Case - Harry Lee, Melio AI 140 ABC It's Dangerous To SLSA Alone Out There! Take This Artifact Knowledge Graph! - Mihai Maruseac, Google & Michael Lieberman, Independent 420 AB Virtual Project Office Hours: KubeVela Project Office Hours Virtual Project Office Hours: Open Cluster Management (Workload distribution with Placement API) Project Office Hours Tutorial: Becoming a Kubernetes Developer: Writing Your First Operator - Abby Bangser, Syntasso 330 AB 🚨 ContribFest - Prometheus: Let's Fix a Few Prometheus Bugs Together (Limited Availability; First-Come, First-Served) 410 B

11:55am EDT

Tips To Fight Impostor Syndrome - Aurélie Vache, OVHcloud 140 DEFG Energizing the Manufacturing Industry With Kubernetes And Cloud Native - Marcel Wagner, Intel Virtual Platform Only How We Revolutionized Developer Experience With 3.5 Platform Engineers - Jessica Andersson, Kognic 251 ABC Inclusive, Accessible Tech: Bias-Free Language In Code And Configurations - Anne Gentle, Cisco Ambassador Ballroom (Room 360) Towards Something Better Than CRDs In a Post-Operator World - Stefan Schimanski, Red Hat Portside Ballroom (Room 260) Contributing To the Kubernetes Website: A Guide For Everyone - Divya Mohan & Rey Lejano, SUSE; Tim Bannister, The Scale Factory; Natali Vlatko, Wayfair; Arsh Sharma, Okteto 142 ABC Edge-Native Application Principles: Taking Your App Beyond the Cloud - Kate Goldenring, Fermyon; Amar Kapadia, Aarna Networks 320 Longhorn: Intro, Deep Dive And Q+A - David Ko & Joshua Moody, SUSE 321 SIG Cloud Provider Update - Michael McCune, Red Hat & Bridget Kromhout, Microsoft 410 A Multi-Tenancy For Argo Workflows And Argo CD At Adobe - Srinivas Malladi, Adobe 140 ABC Remote Control Planes With Konnectivity; What, Why And How? - Jussi Nummelin, Mirantis & Rastislav Szabo, Kubermatic 252 AB What's Going ARM: Adopting ARM64 At Airbnb - Melanie Cebula, Airbnb 430 AB Surviving From Endless Issues Coming From 7K+ Kubernetes Clusters - Wanhae Lee & Seok-yong Hong, Kakao Corp 250 ABC Path To Production: Sustainable Compliance In Strict Environments - Chip Zoller, Nirmata & Brandt Keller, Defense Unicorns 420 AB

12:00pm EDT

12:30pm EDT

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1:50pm EDT

2:30pm EDT

How CNET (And Friends) Use the CNCF Landscape To Run High Traffic, Dynamic, Scalable, And Cost-Effective Websites. - Corey McGalliard, Red Ventures 140 DEFG Edge-Native: The New Paradigm For Operating And Developing Edge Apps - Krisztian Flautner, Cisco 430 AB FinKube – Making the Business Case For Kubernetes At Your Company - Somik Behera, CloudNatix 251 ABC A New Way To Roll: Supply Chain Choreography For Enterprise Grade Kubernetes - Kirti Apte & Steve Watkins, VMware Ambassador Ballroom (Room 360) BoF: Intro to Open Source Licenses and Q&A - Jeff Shapiro, The Linux Foundation 252 AB Cloud Native Storage: The CNCF Storage TAG, Projects, Technology & Landscape - Alex Chircop, Ondat; Raffaele Spazzoli, Red Hat 320 Connect All the Things! Using NATS To Simplify Communication Everywhere - Jeremy Saenz & Todd Beets, Synadia 321 Flux Maturity, Feature, and Contrib Update - Kingdon Barrett & Somtochi Onyekwere, Weaveworks 250 ABC Kubernetes Infra SIG: Intro And Updates - Davanum Srinivas, AWS; Arnaud Meukam, Independent; Benjamin Elder, Google 142 ABC Multi-Tenancy: Tips, Tricks, Tools And Tests - Adrian Ludwin, Google; Tasha Drew, VMware; Ryan Bezdicek, Twilio; Fei Guo, Alibaba Virtual Platform Only Overview And State Of Linkerd - Alex Leong, Buoyant 410 A Five Ways With a CNI: Understanding Kubernetes Networking For Performance-Intensive Workloads - Stig Telfer, StackHPC Ltd & Erez Cohen, Nvidia Virtual Platform Only Thriving With Kubernetes On-Call: Best Practices & Lessons Learned - Sunil Shah & Ramya Krishnan, Airbnb; Ashley Cutalo, Lyft; Madhu C.S., Robinhood; Fabio Kung, Netflix Virtual Platform Only Sustainability Research the Cloud Native Way - Chen Wang, IBM & Huamin Chen, Red Hat 140 ABC Migrating From PodSecurityPolicy - Tim Allclair & Sam Stoelinga, Google 420 AB Tutorial: Set Up Your Shell For Kubernetes Productivity And Be Efficient Quickly - Sebastien “Prune” Thomas, Wunderkind & Archy Ayrat Khayretdinov, Google 330 AB 🚨 ContribFest - in-toto + The Update Framework: Help Us Protect the Software Supply Chain With TUF, in-toto and Sigstore! (Limited Availability; First-Come, First-Served) 410 B

3:00pm EDT

3:25pm EDT

What Container Runtime Do I Need? - Abubakar Siddiq Ango, GitLab Virtual Platform Only Orchestrating Interconnected Apps Across Geographically Distributed Kubernetes Clusters - John Belamaric, Google 430 AB The Windows Operational Readiness Specification - Amim Moises Salum Knabben & Xinqi Li, VMware Ambassador Ballroom (Room 360) Observability In ArgoCD/Rollouts Using Streaming ML For Reducing MTTR - Vigith Maurice & Amit Kalamkar, Intuit 251 ABC Beyond Orchestration: The Cloud Native Runtimes Ecosystem for Performance and Security - Alexander Jung, Unikraft 320 Kyverno Introduction And Overview - Chip Zoller & Dolis Sharma, Nirmata 252 AB Notary: State Of Development - Justin Cormack, Docker 321 Prometheus - Intro, Deep Dive, And Open Q+A - Goutham Veeramachaneni & Ganesh Vernekar, Grafana Labs 410 A SIG Security: Empowerment Through Autonomy - Ala Dewberry, VMware; Savitha Raghunathan, Red Hat; Tabitha Sable, Datadog 142 ABC Stateful Apps On Kubernetes - Bring Them On! - Diana Patton & Gunna Marripudi, NetApp; Scott Surovich, HSBC Bank, USA; Scott Miller, DreamWorks Animation; Lisa-Marie Namphy, Cockroach Labs 250 ABC Kubernetes For GPU Powered Machine Learning Workloads In Academia - Camille Rodriguez, Canonical & John-Paul Robinson, University of Alabama at Birmingham 140 ABC Hack Back; Let’s Learn Security With CTFs! - Lewis Denham-Parry, Chainguard & Natalia Reka Ivanko, Isovalent 420 AB Run As “Root”, Not Root: User Namespaces In K8s - Marga Manterola, Isovalent & Rodrigo Campos Catelin, Microsoft Virtual Platform Only Mentor-Mentee Framework To Build the Next Generation Of Cloud Native - Kunal Kushwaha & Mark Boost, Civo Portside Ballroom (Room 260)

3:30pm EDT

4:00pm EDT

4:30pm EDT

How the Basics Of Kubernetes Auth Scale For Organizations - Leigh Capili, VMware 140 DEFG Writing Reliable, Scalable, Fault Oblivious Code On K8s the Easy Way - Kendall Roden, Microsoft & Alice Gibbons, Diagrid 430 AB Trust But Verify: Bringing Supply Chain Integrity To CD GitOps - Yuji Watanabe & Hirokuni Kitahara, IBM Research Ambassador Ballroom (Room 360) Human-Friendly, Production-Ready Data Science Stack With Metaflow & Kubernetes - Savin Goyal, Outerbounds & Saravanan Balasubramanian, Intuit 251 ABC Evolving the Cloud Native Maturity Model - John Forman & Robert Glenn, Accenture; Danielle Cook, Fairwinds; Simon Forster, Stackegy 320 OpenMetrics; the State Of 1.X And the Plans For 2.0 - Richard Hartmann, Grafana Labs 321 Rook: Intro And Deep Dive With Ceph Storage - Travis Nielsen & Blaine Gardner, Red Hat; Alexander Trost, Koor Technologies; Satoru Takeuchi, Cybozu, Inc Virtual Platform Only SIG Testing: Intro And Updates - Benjamin Elder & Michelle Shepardson & Chao Dai, Google; Antonio Ojea Garcia, Red Hat 142 ABC The State of the Cloud Native Network: Deep-dive from TAG-Network - Ed Warnicke, Cisco & Lee Calcote, Layer5 410 A 100Gbit/S Clusters With Cilium: Building Tomorrow’s Networking Data Plane - Daniel Borkmann & Nikolay Aleksandrov, Isovalent 252 AB Data On Kubernetes, Deploying And Running PostgreSQL And Patterns For Databases In a Kubernetes Cluster. - Chris Milsted, Ondat & Gabriele Bartolini, EDB 250 ABC Class Resources: Kubernetes’ Fastest Way Of Shushing Noisy Neighbors - Markus Lehtonen, Intel & Peter Hunt, Red Hat 140 ABC Securing Edge Workloads With Cert-Manager And SPIFFE - Sitaram IYER & Riaz Mohamed, Jetstack Ltd 420 AB We're In! Students Hacking Their Way Into the CNCF - Ashwin Kumar Uppala, AtSign; Kaiwalya Koparkar, M. S. Gosavi Polytechnic Institute; Karuna Tata , AsyncAPI; Abhishek Choudhary, Nirmata Virtual Platform Only 🚨 ContribFest - Flux: The Flux Bug Scrub, Live at ContribFest (Limited Availability; First-Come, First-Served) 410 B Tutorial: Build Your Own Heroku With Cloud Native Stack - Muvaffak Onus, Upbound & Sidarta Aguiar de Oliveira, Grupo Boticário 330 AB

5:00pm EDT

5:25pm EDT

Arsenal Of Democracy: What Open Source Can Learn From the Motor City - Shane Lawrence, Shopify 140 DEFG Unified Chaos Injection And SLO Validation Experiments In Kubernetes - Srinivasan Parthasarathy, IBM & Shubham Chaudhary, JFrog Ambassador Ballroom (Room 360) The Challenges Managing a Kubernetes-Based Machine Learning Infrastructure - Yuzhui Liu & Keith Laban, Bloomberg; Ed Shee, Seldon; Keshi Dai, Spotify 251 ABC CRI-O’s Senior Year - Peter Hunt, Urvashi Mohnani, Mrunal Patel, Red Hat 320 OpenTelemetry: Meet the Community, Build the Roadmap - Morgan McLean, Splunk; Daniel Dyla, Dynatrace; Ted Young, Lightstep; Alolita Sharma, Apple 321 TUF-En Up Your Signatures - Marina Moore & Justin Cappos, NYU 410 A What's New With SIG Windows - Mark Rossetti & James Sturtevant, Microsoft; Jay Vyas, VMware; Dimitrie Mititelu, Cloudbase Solutions 142 ABC Exiting Ingress With the Gateway API - Rob Scott, Google & Shane Utt, Kong, Inc. 252 AB Customer Centric Observability: How Intuit Reduced Time To Detect Customer Impact From 30+ Minutes To Under 3 Minutes. - Vinit Samel, Intuit & Nagaraja Tantry, Intui Portside Ballroom (Room 260) It’s Complicated: Relationships Between Objects In OCI Registries - Josh Dolitsky, Chainguard & Sajay Antony, Microsoft 430 AB 9-1-1: Cloud Native - Kubernetes For Public Safety Systems - Marc Boorshtein, Tremolo Security, Inc. 250 ABC Improving User Experience For Device Consumption In Kubernetes - Alexander Kanevskiy & Patrick Ohly, Intel & Kate Goldenring, Fermyon 140 ABC How the Argo Project Transitioned From Security Aware To Security First - Henrik Blixt & Michael Crenshaw, Intuit 420 AB

6:00pm EDT


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