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Wednesday, October 26

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Paradox Of Choice: How To Pick an Application Definition That Works For You! - Anusha Ragunathan & Kevin Downey, Intuit Inc 430 AB How To Build a Distributed System (And Should You?) - Rebecca Bilbro & Patrick Deziel, Rotational Labs 251 ABC Kubernetes Community Days For Fun And For Community Profit - Bill Mulligan, Isovalent & Katie Greenley, CNCF Ambassador Ballroom (Room 360) API Evolution With CRDs: Best Practices For Authoring & Fuzz Testing APIs - James Munnelly & Andrea Tosatto, Apple Portside Ballroom (Room 260) A Containerd And Friends Update: What’s New In Runtimes? - Phil Estes, AWS; Mike Brown, IBM; Maksym Pavlenko, Apple; Michael Zappa, Microsoft 410 A Achieving End-To-End Software Supply Chain Security With in-toto - Santiago Torres-Arias, Purdue University & Aditya Sirish A Yelgundhalli, New York University 321 Building a Day1/Day2 Application Operations Platform On CNCF Projects. - Alois Reitbauer, Dynatrace & Alex Jones, Canonical 252 AB How SIG Release Cooks Trustworthy Artifacts From Raw Source Code - Carlos Panato & Adolfo García Veytia, Chainguard; Jeremy Rickard, Microsoft; Sascha Grunert, Red Hat 142 ABC How To Build Production Grade DevOps Platform Using Argoproj - Alexander Matyushentsev, Akuity & Leonardo Luz Almeida, Intuit 320 73,000 Pods a Day, Lessons From Misadventures In Multi-Tenant - Shane Corbett, Amazon Web Services & Wil Reed, Acquia 140 ABC Migrating From Single-Node Kubernetes Control Plane To HA In Production - Cong Yue & David Oppenheimer, Databricks 250 ABC SBOM X-Ray Superpowers: Making Better SBOMs, Using SBOMs - Brandon Lum, Google & Chris Phillips, Anchore 420 AB Virtual Project Office Hours: Strimzi Project Office Hours Virtual Project Office Hours: Work API a Kubernetes SIGs project Project Office Hours 🚨 ContribFest - Knative: Level Up Knative Eventing, And Yourself! (Limited Availability; First-Come, First-Served) 410 B Tutorial: Unleash the Full Potential Of Kubernetes Scheduler: Configuration, Extension And Operation In Production - Yuan Chen, Yibo Zhuang & Wei Huang, Apple; Chen Wang, IBM Research 330 AB

11:55am EDT

Storage Wars - Seán C McCord, Sidero Labs 140 DEFG Who Knew Dogfood Could Taste This Good? A WebAssembly In Production Story - Taylor Thomas & Brooks Townsend, Cosmonic 430 AB Chaos Engineering Applied To the FinTech Domain - Rajeshwar Vadheraju, FIS & Neelanjan Manna, Harness Virtual Platform Only Edge Computing Is Hot. Find Out the Business Value From Three Experts - Larry Carvalho, RobustCloud LLC; Stu Miniman, Red Hat; Marilyn Basanta, VMware; Muneyb Minhazuddin, Intel 251 ABC A Raccoon And a Group Of Turtles Secure Clusters Together! - Pushkar Joglekar & Naadir Jeewa, VMware Ambassador Ballroom (Room 360) Resize Your Pods In-Place With Deterministic eBPF Triggers - Pablo Chico de Guzman, Okteto & Vinay Kulkarni, Futurewei Technologies Portside Ballroom (Room 260) Backstage: Shaping the Future Of Developer Experience - Ben Lambert & Francesco Corti, Spotify 320 Envoy Maintainer Q+A - Matt Klein, Lyft 410 A Kubernetes Data Protection WG Deep Dive - Xiangqian Yu, Google 142 ABC Mentoring WG And You - Nate Waddington, The Linux Foundation & Jay Tihema, II.com 252 AB SIG Cluster Lifecycle Intro - Fabrizio Pandini, VMware & Cecile Robert-Michon, Microsoft 321 Secure Multi-Tenant GitOps Application & Infrastructure Rollouts At Adobe - Vikram Sethi, Adobe & Manabu McCloskey, Amazon Web Services 140 ABC Multi-Cluster Stateful Set Migration: A Solution To Upgrade Pain - Peter Schuurman, Google & Matt Schallert, Chronosphere 250 ABC Armoring Cloud Native Workloads With LSM Superpowers - Barun Acharya, Accuknox Virtual Platform Only Securing the IaC Supply Chain - Jesse Sanford, Autodesk & Jason Hall, Chainguard 420 AB

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Kubernet-Bees: How Bees Solve Problems Of Distributed Systems - Simon Emms & Christian Weichel, Gitpod 140 DEFG Essential Patterns For Designing And Implementing Your Operator - Michael Hrivnak & Austin Macdonald, Red Hat 430 AB Implementing Private 5G Networks For Enterprises With Kubernetes - Amar Kapadia, Aarna Networks & Christian Huebner, Mirantis 251 ABC The Course Of True Community Management Never Did Run Smooth, In 1 Act - Karsten Wade & Jen Madriaga, Red Hat Ambassador Ballroom (Room 360) Efficient Scheduling Of High Performance Batch Computing For Analytics Workloads With Volcano - Krzysztof Adamski & Tinco Boekestijn, ING Portside Ballroom (Room 260) Advanced API Machinery Topics: Aggregated API Servers and OpenAPI v3 - David Eads, Red Hat; Jeffrey Ying, Google; Federico Bongiovanni, Google Virtual Platform Only Building Multi-Architecture Images With Buildpacks - Aidan Delaney, Bloomberg 320 CoreDNS Intro And Deep Dive - Yong Tang, Ivanti 410 A Istio Today and Tomorrow: Sidecars and Beyond - Mitch Conners, Google & Lin Sun, Solo.io 142 ABC KEDA - Real Time And Serverless Scaling In Kubernetes - Zbynek Roubalik, Red Hat & Jeff Hollan, Snowflake 321 Staring Into the Abyss With the Security Technical Advisory Group - Andrew Martin, ControlPlane; Ragashree Shekar, Carnegie Mellon University; Marina Moore, NYU 252 AB Simplified Experience Of Building Cluster API Provider In Multitenant Cloud - Sahithi Ayloo & Arun Krishnakumar, VMware 140 ABC How To Handle Node Shutdown In Kubernetes - Xing Yang & Ashutosh Kumar, VMware 250 ABC Using the EBPF Superpowers To Generate Kubernetes Security Policies - Mauricio Vásquez Bernal & Alban Crequy, Microsoft 420 AB 🚨 ContribFest - KubeVirt: Work on Core Components (and Docs!) with the KubeVirt Maintainers (Limited Availability; First-Come, First-Served) 410 B Tutorial: So You Want To Develop a Cluster API Provider? - Anusha Hegde, Nirmata; Winnie Kwon, VMware; Richard Case, SUSE; Avishay Traeger, Red Hat 330 AB

3:25pm EDT

The 10 Biggest Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make In Open Source - Bill Mulligan, Isovalent & Divya Mohan, SUSE 140 DEFG Flagger, Linkerd, And Gateway API: Oh My! - Jason Morgan, Buoyant & Sanskar Jaiswal, Weaveworks 430 AB Get Projects Approved By Articulating the Business Value Of a Cloud Native Solution - Larry Carvalho, RobustCloud LLC; Krisztián Flautner, Cisco; Betty Junod, VMware; Chris Rosen, IBM 251 ABC SIGs Aren’t Silos: A Case Study Into Solving Inter-Domain Problems In Kubernetes Development - Swetha Repakula, Google & Antonio Ojea Garcia, RedHat Ambassador Ballroom (Room 360) Beyond Kubebuilder - Generating Entire Kubernetes Controller Implementations - Amine Hilaly & Jay Pipes, Amazon Web Services Portside Ballroom (Room 260) 2022 Observability TAG Update - Alolita Sharma, Apple & Matt Young, TAG Observability 252 AB Don't Mind the Gap: Securely Accessing Cloud Resources From Anywhere With SPIFFE/SPIRE - Evan Gilman, VMware 320 Knative: More Than Just Serverless Containers - Lance Ball & Naina Singh, Red Hat; Mauricio Salatino & Evan Anderson, VMware 321 Kubernetes SIG Apps Updates - Janet Kuo, Google; Kenneth Owens, Brex; Maciej Szulik, Red Hat 142 ABC Lessons Learned From Etcd the Data Inconsistency Issues - Marek Siarkowicz, Google & Benjamin Wang, VMware 410 A Running Isolated VirtualClusters With Kata & Cluster API - Chris Hein & Eric Ernst, Apple, Inc 140 ABC Building Container Images In Kubernetes: It’s Been a Journey! - Laurent Bernaille & Eric Mountain, Datadog 250 ABC Untrusted Execution: Attacking the Cloud Native Supply Chain - Andrew Martin, ControlPlane 420 AB

4:00pm EDT

4:30pm EDT

Don't Be Greedy: Rightsize Your Kubernetes Cluster With Prometheus - Jesus Angel Samitier & David Lorite Solanas, Sysdig 140 DEFG Overview Of Challenges And Solutions For Orchestrating Applications To Multiple DC And Edge Clusters - Ritu Sood & Cathy Zhang, Intel Corp Virtual Platform Only Leveraging Community To Transform Ford's Software Development Teams - Rebecca Riss & Satish Puranam, Ford Motor Company; Langdon White, Boston University 251 ABC Balancing Yin (Community) And Yang (Company) In OSS - Nikhita Raghunath & Kiran Mova, VMware Ambassador Ballroom (Room 360) Windows HostProcess Containers For Configuration And Beyond - James Sturtevant & Mark Rossetti, Microsoft Portside Ballroom (Room 260) Fluent Bit V2.0: Unifying Open Standards For Logs, Metrics & Traces - Eduardo Silva & Anurag Gupta, Calyptia 410 A Jaeger: The Future with OpenTelemetry and Metrics - Jonah Kowall, Logz.io & Joe Elliott, Grafana Labs 430 AB KubeEdge: From Fixed Location To Movable Edge, Latest Updates And Future - Zefeng (Kevin) Wang, Huawei & Yin Ding, Google 321 Running the Observability As a Service For Your Teams With Thanos - Ben Ye, Amazon Web Services & Bartłomiej Płotka, Red Hat 252 AB SIG Architecture Intro And Deep Dive - John Belamaric, Google & Davanum Srinivas, AWS 142 ABC What’s New In Chaos Mesh And Deep Dive Into Multi Clusters Support - Ed Huang & Chao Zheng, PingCAP 320 Cloud Governance With Infrastructure As Code (IaC) With Kyverno And Crossplane - Dolis Sharma, Nirmata 140 ABC Cgroups V2: Before You Jump In - Tony Gosselin & Mike Tougeron, Adobe Systems 250 ABC Kubernetes to Cloud Attack Vectors: Demos Inside - Danny Hershko Shemesh & Alon Schindel, Wiz 420 AB 🚨 ContribFest - Kyverno: Help Secure and Automate Kubernetes by Contributing to the Kyverno Project (Limited Availability; First-Come, First-Served) 410 B Tutorial: How To Write a Reconciler Using K8s Controller-Runtime! - Scott Rigby, Somtochi Onyekwere, Niki Manoledaki & Soulé Ba, Weaveworks; Amine Hilaly, Amazon Web Services 330 AB

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5:25pm EDT

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